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BLUE LIGHTS DIGITAL now delivering a range of Cellebrite Training

Blue Lights Digital are proud to be able to add Cellebrite Certified training as part of our rapidly developing training portfolio. Following investment in the professional development of our Investigations and Training team, in partnership with Cellebrite we are proud to be able to offer a selection if UFED courses to civil and criminal investigators;

2 Day Cellebrite Logical Operator
3 Day Cellebrite Physical Analyst
This builds upon our continually developing portfolio of investigation training courses designed to address the current and future challenges to digital investigators including new courses;

1 Day First Responder Digital & Cyber Awareness
1 Day Digital Media Investigator CPD

“Both instructors are obvious SME but kept it simple and more importantly gave everyone (across a wide range of roles) useable information. The ‘hands n’ equipment session was excellent. I would recommend this day to any LEA.”

2 Day DMI Supervisor Training (PIP Accredited)
2 Day SIO Digital Investigation Strategy/Opportunities (PIP Accredited)
5 Day Foundation level DMI Course
10 Day Advanced level DMI Course

“I was absolutely riveted from the word go, made loads of notes and found the delivery style & content superb. In my opinion, the fact that these guys were ex-police officers who had worked in this field, meant they were able to explain this technology in simple practical terms. Both trainers were very knowledgeable and would rather have spent a week being trained by them than going on the College of Policing DMI Course.”

Full details of these courses and our other training packages are available here

Contact our team or our Digital Investigations & Training Director Nick Curry today to discuss the specific requirements of you or your organisation. We pride ourselves on our our ability to bespoke training to the meet the varying experience, needs and challenges of our clients


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