Cell Site Analysis

Matt Dyer
Cell Site Analysis
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Welcome to the Cell Site Analysis module. This module is designed to complement the learning within the Cellular Networks module and brings to Discovery an interactive, scalable and cost-effective method of delivering initial training and continual professional development to digital investigators and analysts. This will deliver simple, practical information about the differing ways in which combining Communications Data Analysis and Cell Site Analysis can be used effectively evidence in addition to different analytical and surveying techniques.

Combined analysis

Based on a combination of communications data analysis of a phone’s billing records, cell site analysis of the phone’s potential cell location details and RFPS results, investigators can provide compelling evidence to support the contentions and allegations made in their cases.

Content provider

This reference module has been produced in collaboration between Blue Lights Digital and Forensic Analytics.

Further reading

All of the topics covered in this course are discussed in more detail in our book, Forensic Radio Survey Techniques for Cell Site Analysis (Joseph Hoy, Wiley 2015), which is available from Amazon and other booksellers.

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    This course is amazing!