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It is with great pleasure that the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Blue Lights Digital Limited announce the second International Digital Investigation & Intelligence Awards.

Taking place in March 2018 during the first week of the International Communications Data and Digital Forensics Seminars, the awards bring together leading international and UK law enforcement organisations, senior stakeholders and peers to recognise the incredible and ground-breaking work of their colleagues.

Often criticised for being unable to respond to the threat of threat of digital crime, the law enforcement community is proving that this is no longer the case through the incredible achievements recognised and celebrated at the International Digital Investigation & Intelligence Awards.

We commend excellence in digital investigation and cyber capability across the community throughout international, national, regional and local law enforcement agencies and their partner organisations.

The awards focus on innovation across the previous 12 months, promoting and encouraging collaboration, progression and passion in the field.

Digital age, digital crime

New digital technologies are emerging and evolving at an increasingly fast rate every day. In both professional and personal lives, we now have to be aware and adaptable to constant changes in our devices, services and solutions.

With so much continual growth and change comes much risk – opportunities for offenders increase and inevitably a new age of digital crime evolves. This crime in itself is continually developing, becoming more aggressive and technically proficient.

This year, we have seen a significant increase in media attention surrounding digital and cyber crime and the continuing work undertaken by law enforcement organisations in the tackling of this crime, locally and worldwide.

However, often unnoticed are the amazing efforts of those who communicate with the public, who educate others, use innovative techniques to scour through huge volumes of digital data to identify investigative opportunities, and so many other unique roles that play a part behind the headlines.

This incredible work from law enforcement agencies and their partners worldwide is undoubtedly worthy of recognition.

The 2018 Awards

Now in it’s second year, the awards are supported and attended by a significant number of leading international and UK law enforcement organisations.

Senior stakeholders from across these organisation dedicate their time to the success of the event, coming together to recognise the incredible and ground-breaking work of their colleagues.

“I thought the award ceremony was fabulous – incredible work by incredible people! It will lead to improved linkages nationally and in addition to our other initiatives, help us to continue to reduce harm and save lives.”

The presence and the willingness of the chief officers present to interact and ensure they understood the specialisms of the practitioners nominated for awards was both humbling and appreciated.


The National Police Chiefs’ Council, Blue Lights Digital and event stakeholders invite you to get involved by nominating those who you feel have contributed and made a significant difference in the world of cyber crime and digital investigation and intelligence this year.

The awards are hosted in March 2018, with drinks reception and credible keynote speakers. By nominating, you can support the positive work law enforcement are doing through recognising peers and their achievements publicly.

The awards categories are detailed below, and the online nomination process is now open!

Exceptional Work in the Prevention of Cyber Crime

Use of Communications Data in an Investigation

Developing Emerging Sources of Investigation

Intelligent use of Digital Forensic Triage techniques

Use of Advanced Digital Forensic techniques

Intelligent investigative use of Cloud Data Sources

Use of Vehicle Based Data in an investigation

Application of Advanced Open Source Intelligence

Big Data Analysis in a Complex Investigation

Excellence in Management of an Investigation Unit

International collaboration in a Complex Investigation

Exceptional Voluntary Contribution to Capability


Digital Investigator of the Year 2018


The National Police Chiefs’ Council, Blue Lights Digital and the event stakeholders would sincerely like to thank the following companies for their support and sponsorship which makes the International Digital Investigation & Intelligence Awards 2018 possible:

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