HMIC finds police forces ‘overwhelmed’ by digital evidence

This morning the BBC published an article outlining that Police forces are ‘overwhelmed’ by digital evidence. It is available to view here Amongst the key findings in the report were;

  • A recognised digital skills gap
  • Unacceptable delays in the processing of digital devices in forensics
  • Incapability to deal with the volume of data obtained
  • A criticism of the urgency of response and recognition of the shift from physical to digital crime

The scale of the challenge cannot be under estimated.

But what also should not be under estimated is the significant and commendable work being undertaken by forces and individuals at a local, regional and national level to overcome this challenge.

Up skilling first responders to ask the right questions enabling them to capture what is relevant and necessary to further an investigation and enable digital experts to maximise opportunities is crucial in delivering an end to end response.

Targeted, objective led acquisition and analysis of digital intelligence and evidence keeps volumes of data under control and aligned to organisational need. This mindset is beginning to filter through following investment in specialist triage roles and training days.

At Blue Lights Digital, we are proud to work with you to address this challenge and as we outline to each user of our technologies and services, we will continue to be here to assist whenever and at whatever time we are called upon.


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