The Challenge

Provide a solution that can effectively deliver digital and cyber skills to an entire organisation

The Solution

EVOLVE – A single source of reference to enhance digital capability

What is EVOLVE?

BLUE LIGHTS EVOLVE has been carefully designed, from concept to delivery, around the ever-evolving challenges to law enforcement organisations in a digital age.

The system delivers a ground-breaking approach to increasing digital capability through a mobile application and online resources available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

EVOLVE is revolutionising the way organisations are able to deliver clear, concise and current digital support to their first responders and investigators through:


EVOLVE content comes alive for each individual user. Content is continually reviewed and updated to deliver current and quality material every time.


Interactive workflows provide a visual and simple navigation of policies and procedures. Staff across your organisation will have clear and concise guidance anytime, anywhere.


Access the Blue Lights Digital Academy to discover further education, designed in collaboration with law enforcement organisations, for use with mobile devices.


Integrated live chat with enquiries subject matter experts through the EVOLVE app. Complex enquiries drive constant improvement of application content.

Available Content

EVOLVE delivers a range of subscription-based modules, aligned to a range of cyber crime and digital investigation disciplines.


Investigation strategy & guidance


Interactive first responder guides


Device specific seizure procedures

Online evidence capture best practice

Dynamic digital evidence capture guidance

First responder personal device safety

Available exclusively to EVOLVE clients, our subscription modules offer cutting-edge and current content constructed by our team of subject matter experts and collaborative partners.

This content delivers the capability to instantly mainstream your organisation’s response to digital and cyber crime.

We always work to improve our solutions, and so keep reviewing and improving all of our subscription-based content. This is achieved through daily, weekly and monthly content review cycles.

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