Increase the Digital Investigation & Intelligence capability of your organisation with our growing portfolio of products.

Our solutions are USER CENTRIC, designed to combine a deep experience of investigation with our knowledge and passion in developing digital products and solutions.

In designing, delivering and launching our products, we take time to UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGES faced by our clients and our users. We continually explore CUTTING EDGE INNOVATION and look to integrate it into our solutions to make our products beneficial to organisations whilst remaining simple to use.

Find our more about our existing product range below:


Revolutionising how first responders & investigators access concise, interactive guidance and support in the digital age.

EVOLVE has been carefully designed around the ever-evolving challenges law enforcement organisations face in tackling digital and cyber crime.

Through its growing portfolio of content available in the mobile application and online resources, EVOLVE delivers a ground-breaking approach to increasing digital capability – available to anyone; anytime, anywhere.


Decypher increases the availability of enhanced communications data analysis and insights to all investigators and analysts.

We have teamed up with Forensic Analytics, market leaders and experts in communications data analysis, to bring you Decypher: a secure, cloud-based analytics platform.

Decypher harnesses the power of CSAS on demand to streamline the process of communications data analysis, turning complex, unstructured data into standardised, automated, evidentially robust outputs focusing on the critical issues faced by an investigator.