Hancom GMD

BLD is a partner of HancomGMD, a research group that leads the world in the field of mobile and digital forensics.  The mobile and digital forensics solution, MD-SERIES, is a complete mobile and digital forensic product line for data extraction and analysis with integrated cutting-edge mobile forensic technology, supporting any type of mobile device, and has been provided to hundreds of global investigative agencies since 2005. 

ForensIQ One

In digital investigations today, there’s a constantly growing amount of data and information coming from multiple sources.  To collect the data, the examiner needs to have a various number of tools that results in multiple exports and reports for the investigator to deal with when extractions are done.

With ForensIQ One’s “Case Investigator”, users can gather data and information from multiple sources into one tool that aggregates all the data, compare and search for differences and similarities, link entities and present results in one report.

Blue Lights Digital are an approved UK supplier of CipherTrace, for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Financial Investigations on Blockchain.

Understanding cryptocurrency and blockchains is one thing; making sense of the huge data is another. CipherTrace can help you trace funds, identify assets, deanonymise addresses and wallets, and more.

If your cryptocurrency investigation has reached the limits of manual investigation, contact us now to discuss how CipherTrace can help you and to arrange a demonstration.