Blue Lights Discovery – Mobile App praised by Durham’s Chief Constable


2017 has been the year of cyber attack stories in the media

There was the Wannacry ransomware epidemic where hundreds of thousands of accounts and systems were affected in around 150 countries – including, worryingly, the UK’s NHS.

Then, only a few weeks later, there was the Petya attack across major firms, airports and government departments in the Ukraine, also spreading to other European countries. Danish and Spanish multinationals were paralysed and in the UK, advertising firm WPP was a target.


So what is being done to help prevent these kinds of attacks… attacks which are now the most commonly experienced type of crime in England and Wales?

Unfortunately, with the National Audit Office (NAO) stating that the issue of cyber crime was “not yet a priority” for local police forces and law enforcement agencies, and with the NAO chief, Sir Amys Morse saying that “[f]or too long… online fraud has been overlooked by government, law enforcement and industry”, it can seem to the public that there is nothing being done. This is not the case.

Police have reacted to this statement by stressing how seriously digital and cyber crime and attacks are being taken, with Durham Constabulary interviewed in the media. They talk about using Blue Lights Digital’s app, DISCOVERY, a revolutionary and ground-breaking resource used to educate users in all things to do with cyber security and cyber attack prevention.


“We have all seen the increased rate in which these cyber-threats are worming their way into our devices, which means that now, more than ever, it’s imperative that we know how to protect ourselves.

Keeping these threats at bay is achieved through minimising risk and knowing what precautions to take, and that’s exactly what DISCOVERY helps users to achieve.”

– Durham Chief Constable, Mike Barton

DISCOVERY is the complete package for a digital investigator. A tried and tested mobile solution which is evolving the way law enforcement organisations are able to deliver enhanced digital intelligence and knowledge across the entire workforce.

As all the content is delivered offline, across mobile devices, and digital support in the topic is available when needed most – in a live operational environment. The content is simple to use and provides critical guidance on how to prevent and respond to digital and cyber crimes.

The more we can educate about cyber crime prevention and response, the safer we will be – let’s make 2018 be the year we tackle this issue through empowering ourselves with knowledge.


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