A new type of wearable device is coming to track your performance!


Full story courtesy of CNET

Welcome to the future of wearable technology in the bedroom – and another emerging source of data that will no doubt in time be able to assist digital investigators!

The i.Con Smart Condom is basically a Fitbit designed for a very specific activity which is marketed as the “world’s first smart condom.”

Its objective… to answer every burning question someone may have about their sessions including;

  • How many calories you’re burning and duration?
  • How many and speed of thrusts?
  • How many different positions were used in the period of a week, month or year?
  • How you stack up to other people from around the world?


How does it work?

Don’t worry, it will pair with an app for all your data visualization needs!

Utilizing a Nano-chip and sensors, i.Con will measure and remember a number  of different variables during your sessions.

Once your session is completed, the concept is that you will then be able to use the i.Con app to download your recent data which is paired to the device using Bluetooth technology.


Tell me more…

With no pictures of the self-styled “future of wearable technology in the bedroom” currently available or a specific confirmed release date (other than 2017) on the site, it’s hard to say just how all this technology will fit into this device.

For those concerned (rightly) about privacy and data integrity – British Condoms says “all data will be kept anonymous” but there is little more detail currently on what depths are being taken.

Through the linked mobile app however, users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world on social media in the same way running and cycling enthusiasts do regularly.

Yep, we all look forward to being able to like, retweet or comment on our friends or colleagues more intimate (until now) physical exertions!