Protect yourself – FREE Cyber Crime training from Blue Lights Digital


New variants. New tactics.
Today, the threat of a Cyber Attack is all too real.

Cyber crime and attacks are a well-known issue in the digital investigation world… but they are now increasing at an alarming rate, and are regularly targeting high-profile large companies worldwide – are you and your organisation ready?

6 in 10 malware payloads in 2017 have been Ransomware. The infection prevents users from accessing systems or files, demanding a payment in return for them. This year, the largest and most publicised Ransomware outbreak ever was seen, affecting nearly 200,000 individual accounts and changing the public’s view on how vulnerable their own systems are and how to prevent future attacks.


How can I help prevent these attacks?

To support this need for knowledge and prevention, and for a limited time only, we at Blue Lights Digital are GIVING AWAY our Cyber Threats Module for FREE.

– Cyber Threats Module on mobile

For the most commonly encountered cyber threats, you will be given clear and concise guidance on the following areas:

  1. The potential impact of cyber crime on you and your organisation.
  2. The most common cyber attack methods and how to prevent them occurring.
  3. How to protect your data from attackers.
  4. Using the internet, social networks and online resources safely.
  5. How to effectively secure your accounts, services and devices.

This critical information will help you, your friends, family and colleagues secure your devices, protect yourself online and reduce your susceptibility to common cyber attack methods.


How can I access the module?

The module is one of many revolutionary modules available in our DISCOVERY app, a trusted source of information – available anytime, anywhere… even offline!

Just head to to access the system online or download onto your mobile device through either the iOS or Android App Store.

Cyber Threats Module on laptop

Simply create yourself an account and, after logging in, use the complimentary code bmwb4667t to receive the Cyber Threats Module absolutely free.

It really is that easy!


Help your organisation fight Cyber Threats… now!