Digital intelligence and evidence is constantly expanding. Our discreet and dedicated services will help you get the most out of your investigation.


Whether delivering to small groups or to an entire workforce, our range of education programmes are designed bespoke for your needs.


Our products provide critical information and intelligence direct into the hands of investigators, enabling better decisions where it matters most.

2020 International Digital Investigation Awards

Find out what to expect from the 2020 International Digital Investigation Awards. Take a look at the award categories and make your nominations now:

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  • “After instructing Blue Lights Digital, my previously protracted and expensive legal dispute was resolved swiftly and effectively as a result of their direct, uncompromising approach in the pursuit of presenting independent facts.”

    Company Director
  • “In 22 years of policing I have not attended training provided by an independent training provider and had as much confidence in the trainers, their wealth of knowledge in the subject matter and the quality of delivery of the subject.”

    Detective Sergeant – ROCU
  • “Wow, simply wow. Our organisation pays a fortune for training and BLUE LIGHTS EVOLVE now surpasses that delivery method by being available 24 hours a day to refresh my memory… It’s like a course trainer in your pocket!”

    UK Police Officer
  • “One of the best training sessions I have attended! Extremely personable and knowledgeable trainers explaining a difficult subject matter and made sense of it. Very applicable to just about every area of modern day policing. I just wish the course lasted longer.”

    Senior Policing Leader
  • “Blue Lights Digital tailored the service to meet our needs and the objective of the investigation and provided critical updates throughout the process. Their expertise is first rate and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

    Head of Investigations, FTSE 100 Company
  • “Blue Lights Digital provided us with invaluable knowledge and expertise. The response to our request for independent forensic advice was professional, discrete and efficient.”

    Head of Fraud, FTSE 100 Company
  • “Blue Lights Digital’s knowledge, professionalism and work ethic is second to none. Combined with the speed of progress and quality of the report, I would unreservedly recommend them to other organisations.”

    Senior Investigating Officer
  • Great knowledge and a great sense of humour. Kept the group engaged through their operational credibility and clear understanding of what is a complex subject matter.”

    UK Police Force
  • “The best part of the programme was the style and delivery from the staff at Blue Lights Digital. They have transferred their passion for the subject to their products.”

    UK Law Enforcement Agency