The digital age is here… are you prepared?

The age of digital and cyber crime is also upon us — and it’s not going anywhere.

New technologies are emerging faster than we ever imagined, and the investigations world is undertaking a HUGE paradigm shift to accommodate them.
In order to even begin to tackle the ever-expanding and ever-changing face of digital evidence and cyber crime, specialist resources need to be immediately available and accessible, then learnt and developed.

That’s where we come in.


Welcome to Blue Lights Digital

Here at Blue Lights Digital we have developed a range of successful platforms to support investigations, as well as providing continued support and education for investigations professionals, helping to grow their own Digital Investigation and Intelligence capability.

We deliver on-demand products and services that allow skills and knowledge to be quickly acquired. These are further developed by ongoing support through reference materials and continued professional development.

Our team have extensive Digital Investigation and Intelligence experience on many high profile and complex cases. They use their backgrounds to ensure slick and tight end-to-end services are always delivered, and are devoted to ensuring content is always cutting-edge.

What can we do for you?

Working together

Blue Lights Digital works in partnership with your organisation to combine digital capabilities with an objective-driven investigative strategy.

Our services are designed and delivered bespoke for your needs — always making sure your outcomes are met.


We help investigations stay up-to-date and evolve with the latest technology advancements through our on-demand services.

By working tirelessly to provide the latest information on emerging and converging technologies, we are able to accurately define the threats and opportunities they could pose to both the public and the investigation community. We are therefore able to help maximise the evidence from first point of contact.

Our new Discovery app is the complete package for any digital investigator, with the Discovery Enterprise Edition designed to help your organisation achieve a better informed and intelligent workforce.


We are proud to have delivered these services to a huge body of organisations and agencies, both in the UK and around the world.

We aim to be as interactive as possible, therefore we welcome feedback and insights. Blue Lights Digital works together with you to provide the service most suited for your needs.
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Meet the senior leadership team…

Neil Beet – Managing Director

Neil contributes a unique expertise to Blue Lights Digital, having worked extensively on the definition and qualification of both digital products and services throughout his service in the Metropolitan Police.
Neil excels in understanding, communicating and mapping operational requirements within an organisation. He manages these requirements to the current capabilities and resources offered by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Where technology doesn’t meet current requirements, Neil is an expert in the development of new innovative solutions. With an agile approach, he is able to meet the unique and complex challenges of his clients.


Nick Curry – Digital Investigations Director

With 17 years service with West Midlands Police, Nick is a leading authority on converging the multiple disciplines of DII. At Blue Lights Digital, Nick continues expanding his knowledge, but also provides training, guidance and knowledge to both clients and collegues. Nick is one of our key trainers and we are very lucky to be able to pick his brain!
As a skilled operational user across a wide range of Digital Investigation and Intelligence areas, Nick is often sought after in the most complex, high profile criminal and cyber investigations, meaning he is always in the know about the latest technologies.


Matt Service – Digital Strategy Director

A specialist in Digital Strategy, Matt brings over two decades of focus on Information Technology. Matt’s wealth of knowledge means he has provided strategy, transformation and target operating model guidance to many global Fortune 500 companies, UK Police forces, The Ministry of Defence and many international government organisations.
Matt’s core skills include the design, build and operation of secure mobility platforms, and cloud orchestration and digital transformation services. His approach to transformation is one of modern efficiency, whilst having a strong understanding of traditional enterprise architecture.


Some of the Blue Lights Digital team at the 2017 International Digital Investigation & Intelligence Awards

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