Digital is now…

Digital and Cyber crime is also now and growing.

New technologies are emerging faster than we ever imagined, and the investigations world is undertaking a paradigm shift.

To tackle the ever-expanding and ever-changing face of digital evidence and cyber crime, specialist resources need to be immediately available and accessible to your investigations. These skills and competences can be Built through tools and solutions,  Learnt by investigators and analysts and Developed into a counter digital and counter cyber crime capability. 
That’s where we come in.

BLD – Build Learn Develop 


Here at BLD we have developed a range of successful solutions, services and platforms to support investigations, as well as providing continued support and education for thousands of investigations professionals, helping to grow their own digital investigation and Intelligence capabilities.

We deliver on-demand products and services that allow skills and knowledge to be quickly acquired and developed into advanced capabilities. These are further developed by ongoing support through reference materials and continued professional development.

We work in partnership with your organisation to combine digital capabilities with an objective-driven strategy ensuring that our services are designed and delivered bespoke for your needs.

As an organisation, we are customer obsessed, always making sure your expectations are exceeded and your outcomes are met.

We ensure our clients are at the forefront of digital knowledge and capability. We support our clients to remain up-to-date with the latest technology advancements and work in collaboration to define the threats and opportunities they could present.


We are proud to have delivered our products and services to a range of corporate organisations and law enforcement agencies, both in the UK and around the globe.

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